MC Furniture Logo Redesign

One of Brilliant's® clients MC Furniture was in need of a fresh take on their original logo design to be designed by me. The new logo is featured first, followed by the old logo.

Zodiac Furniture 

One of Brilliant's® clients Zodiac Furniture needed a logo, designed by me. They chose the first one. The other variations are shown as well.

Home Makers Outlet Logo Proposal 

Brilliant's client Home Makers Outlet was in need of a logo design. These were my proposed logos for both digital and print. Logo animation

Loeb's iconic logo is kept within the company's brand and color guidelines but updated with diverse movement meant to draw the viewer's attention. 

Barcademy Branding Guide 

Barcademy, one of Loeb's many portfolio companies, needed a brand guideline based off of their logo and two identity colors. This allows future designers to create materials for Barcademy while keeping a consistent company identity throughout all marketing campaigns. 

All Fur Love Website Redesign 

A mock redesign for a nonprofit's website. Below is a video of the new website, the second video was the website before it was redesigned. 

American Confocal Group

A logo designed for a subdivision of Johnson & Johnson's dermatology department called the American Confocal Group. The ACG's president, chose the final design which is featured in color, while other variations which were presented are listed below in black and white.

Belize Barrier Reef System

The bird's eye view of the world heritage site creates a unique organic shape which offered the perfect space on the inside of the circle to proudly display the initials and name of the BBRS. 

Interactive Mortarboard

A graduation mortarboard that invited viewers to scan the QR code by simply opening up their camera and pointing it at the symbol. Participants discovered the answers to the most well-meaning, though repetitive, questions about graduating from college.

Mind Forest Installation and website 

A website I created with original content was presented on an ipad mounted underneath the 'mind forest helmet'. This installation began as an idea to explore emotions and is self-reflective for everyone who looks at the website. It asks individuals to watch as many or as few videos as they wish and then chose which emotional category they feel the video should fall into. The website then prompts them to read a short observation about the video and asks the viewer to consider why they chose the emotional category they did and what they can take away from this project with their new emotional knowledge. Click 'View MindForest' to be directed to the website that viewers experienced once inside the mounted project.

The Skin Inc

One of Brilliant's® clients Zodiac Furniture needed a logo, designed by me. They chose the first one, followed by a mockup of the packaging. Some other variations are shown as well.

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